Carmelo, Knicks Avoid Sweep as Garden Explodes


Madison Square Garden and The New York Knicks came alive in a season surviving game 4 89-87 win over the Miami Heat. Carmelo Anthony put the city on his back with a 41-point performance.

Amar’e Stoudemire, playing in his first home game in Madison Square Garden came into the game with a lot of heat on him (no pun intended). He was playing with eight layers of tape and protection on his left hand after punching a fire extinguisher glass case out of anger. Amar’e, as well as the entire team, were not settling for jump shots and attacking the rim.

This entire series I have been tweeting, writing, and telling people the Knicks can keep up with the Heat. They showed it in Game 3 when they were leading at halftime. Carmelo Anthony is a straight out baller. No other way to say it. Yeah, yeah, he’s not the best defender in the world, but tell me who was diving onto the hardwood for loose balls? With their best perimeter defender out, starting point guard just torn his knee, Amar’e with his hand, and Jeremy Lin being sidelined since March, all the Knicks needed was Melo to go down.

He played all out, diving for balls, hustling on every play, playing defense, grabbing boards, and obviously making the shots he is paid to make.

There wasn’t much going the Knicks way the entire game. Baron Davis looks like he ended his career driving to the hoop, Tyson Chandler and Amar’e were both in foul trouble, and JR Smith, well, was being JR Smith.

Can everyone please join me in my “Will JR Smith shoot the ball?” game next game?

SPOLIER ALERT – most of the time the answer is yes.

Fast forward the game late in the 4th, tied 81-81. Mike Bibby, yes MIKE BIBBY, hits a huge corner three to give the Knicks a late lead and the Garden erupts.

Next trip down the court LeBron James, who I thought played the quietest 27-point game you will ever see, hits a big shot to tie the game.

I know New York has not yet witnessed Tebow Time, but ladies and gentlemen welcome to Melo Time.

Carmelo Anthony hits the big shot he came here for, giving the Knicks a three-point lead once again.

After a few missed free throws, it is Heat ball with time winding down trailing by two. Dwyane Wade gets the ball and is looking for a good look to tie it. The Knicks deny him an easy shot and he is forced to shoot a fadeaway in the corner.

Knicks win Game 4.

Oh and LeBron was in the other corner, wanting nothing to do with the ball.

After showing us all they can play a whole game and finally finish the game with a strong 4th quarter, can the Knicks avoid elimination in Miami?

Will Jeremy Lin play? Right now the point guard depth is Mike Bibby and Toney Douglas.

If Linsanity suits up for the first time since late March, how effective can he be? The Heat mauled him last time he played in Miami.

Can the Knicks steal one in Miami with Carmelo playing lights out right now?

Can Linsanity pull the greatest sports story ever and beat the Heat three straight games?

Don’t tell him he can’t. That’s the same thing the scouts said, that he couldn’t.

See you in Miami.