Top Ten Knicks Stories of June 2011

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Number 1- NBA Locked-Out

After years of expecting a lockout and several futile labor meetings, the NBA owners told their players that there would be a work stoppage. This is the first lockout in the NBA since 1998-1999 and threatens to cancel the entire 2011-12 season.

NBA fans will have to find ways to spend their time without the NBA until the league and Players Union agree on a new CBA. Both sides are far apart on many issues; the owners want a system where they would receive more revenue, while the players want to earn the same amount of money they’ve been getting the past several seasons.

New York may not see the Knicks on the court for the remainder of the 2011, so no Carmelo, not Amar’e and no chance to watch the revitalized men in blue-and-orange.