Top Ten Knicks Stories of June 2011

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The New York Knicks’ season ended in April after they were eliminated from the Playoffs by their rivals, the Boston Celtics. Despite the fact that the Knicks were no longer on television in the month of June, news and rumors were still circulating the men in blue-and-orange.  The month of June featured trade rumors, injuries and a lockout that may continue for several months.

So here are the Top Ten Knicks stories of this past month, starting with Number 10.

Number 10- Trade Rumor Involving Kwame Brown

The New York Knicks are desperately in need for a defensive center, and reports said the front office was targeting former first overall pick Kwame Brown. Although Brown has been lambasted for being one of the biggest draft busts of all-time, he had a solid 2010-11 season with the Charlotte Bobcats.

Last season, Brown averaged 7.9 points per game, 6.8 rebounds per game and proved to be a reliable defensive player. If the Knicks do indeed trade for Brown after the lockout ends, Stoudemire will be able move to his true power forward position.


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