From Mark Stein on ESPN:

Rival executives wi..."/> From Mark Stein on ESPN:

Rival executives wi..."/>

Linkin’ Center: Darren Collison Trade, Sergio’s Grade & A Hint Amare Might Go?


From Mark Stein on ESPN:

Rival executives will continue to try to convince the Hornets to make Chris Paul available in trades, pointing to the fact that Williams can simply slide the promising Darren Collison and his modest $1.4 million salary into that spot. When those teams get shot down, look for the Hornets — based on the hints we’ve received from more than one exec — to make Collison available as long as the interested party is willing to take back the cap-clogging contract of Emeka Okafor,James Posey or Peja Stojakovic with Paul’s backup.

Everyone’s talkin’ ’bout Tony Parker as a trade target, how’s about the much cheaper Darren Collison with Okafor thrown in as center?  Particularly since New Orleans wants to cut costs they’d be interested in Eddy Curry, unlike San Antonio.  We’d still be able to sign two max free agents, or one and keep David Lee with money left over.


KnickerBlogger, like us, is going through our roster one at a time and evaluating ’em.  Their latest is on Sergio Rodriguez, who it should be mentioned that despite rumors is NOT signed to return to Spain.  Yes, he’s had talks, but he is still under contract to the Knicks until June 30th, with us having the option to keep him another year.  So I’m pretty sure even if he wanted to, he couldn’t just up and leave.  That said, it seems unlikely the Knicks will pick up his option, so okay, fine, go ahead and consider it as good as gone.


In Posting and Toasting, Seth talks about the prospects who came in on Tuesday.  They are:

Denis Clemente- 6’1″ G, Kansas State (24 years old)
Gavin Edwards- 6’9″ C, Connecticut (22)
Jeff Foote- 7’0″ C, Cornell (22)
Courtney Fortson-  5’11” G, Arkansas (22)
Marquis Gilstrap- 6’7″ F, Iowa State (22)
Ryan Wittman- 6’7″ G, Cornell (22)


Steve Kerr stepped down as GM of the Suns.

A source told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher that the move has to do with Kerr feeling unable to adequately do the job with the financial limitations imposed by [Phoenix Suns’ owner Robert] Sarver. The Suns have bothAmare Stoudemire and Channing Frye as potential free agents this summer.

Hmm, sounds like he’s worried that Sarver won’t pony up for Stoudemire and Kerr doesn’t want to take the fall when they allow Stat to walk.  If so, that’s good news for the Knicks, ‘cuz the more big free agents available, the better the chance we get someone decent (and won’t have to overpay for them).


Most free agents are impressed when a GM and owner show up at their home at midnight on July 1st to show how much they want them.  However, LeBron isn’t most free agents and the New York Post reports that Donnie Walsh is bringing reinforcements:

The Knicks have put together a committee filled with some of New York’s biggest names to help bring free agents to the struggling basketball team.

Free agents, such as LeBron James, for instance.

“New York would be a great thing for LeBron,” said Donald Trump, who has joined the committee along with a cavalcade of other Gotham notables, such as Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Boomer Esiason and Spike Lee.

Chris Rock, who has also agreed to join the effort, knows just what he would say to LeBron.

“You really want to live in Cleveland?”

[…]The star-filled panel is built to grow and the team expects it to include talk-show host Charlie Rose, John McEnroe, Donny “The Big Idea” Deutsch, Whoopi Goldberg, Rangers Stanley Cup hero Mark Messier, former Giants Super Bowl winner Phil Simms and Knicks legends Willis Reed, Walt Frazier and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe.

It’s good ta be the King.


Hot Stove New York’s Andrew Feingold asks Is Carlos Boozer better than David Lee? Feingold ultimately decides Boozer is better now, but Lee will become a better player.  However, Booze loses big-time points by actually answering whether he thinks he’s better than Lee:

“Oh, absolutely I do. I think he’s a very good, young player though. I think he had a great season. He was an All-Star this year. I think he has a great upside to him. I do think I’m better but, I mean, that’s for you guys to debate about. I don’t worry about that kind of stuff. “

Even if Booze feels that way, and even if Booze is right, you just don’t publicly admit it.  Reminds me of when Starbury proclaimed himself the game’s best point guard and our season immediately went down the tank.  I hope we don’t end up with Boozie.


Adam Zagoria (who I know from college and didn’t realize he also had a NY sports blog until now!) has a nice scoop on his ZagsBlog about Rafer Alston wanting to be a Knick.  Rafe told Adam the following quotes:

“I’m a free agent. I’m hoping I can play here in New York…the Knicks,”

“They do [need a point guard] and I would hope I could be it,” Alston said. “I’ll definitely have my agent [Dan Fegan] give them a call, see what’s going on.”

“I’m a hometown kid,” Alston said. “I would like to try to have a helping hand in getting them back to the playoffs. It’s something that I would enjoy doing, really getting this city alive again and feeling good about playoff basketball.”