2010 NBA Draft: Early Notes


With conference tournaments currently going on, and the NCAA tournament right around the corner, I felt now is the perfect time to address, which prospects Knicks fans should pay most attention to.

Remember though, the Knicks do not have a first rounder, but we do have 2 second round picks each in the top half so things aren’t all that grim in terms of the draft.

This draft is centered around John Wall and then everyone else. Well, contrary to popular belief I find this to be a very deep draft in terms of overall talent at every position.

Each team has a great chance to fill some much needed holes, and the Knicks certainly have holes.

So, what I’m going to do is go down the position list and identify players that will likely be on Walsh’s radar, or my own, and how likely they are to be an effective player on this team going forward.


Sharron Collins

Collins has been critical to the Jayhawks success this season, and a proven winner at that. Although undersized, Collins has already won a championship and would work well in D’Antoni’s system. With Duhon’s contract being up, I think Collins would be a nice complement to Rodriguez if he’s there.

Greivis Vasquez

Vasquez is a natural leader, much like Collins, except Vasquez is 6-6 and has a jump shot. With so many question marks at point guard going forward, a player like Vasquez would be an effective piece on the offensive end and cause lots of mismatches with opposing PG’s. My only concern is his defense and basketball IQ. Vasquez is a streaky player, and still has a lot to learn. Playing behind Sergio would certainly help though.

Scottie Reynolds

Reynolds is a very interesting prospect. Obviously, the kid is undersized, but Reynolds can flat out shoot the basketball and very quick. Reynolds, like the other point guards I’ve talked about is a very raw prospect, however, if paired with a solid supporting cast I feel he’d very effective right away in this system. If we take a PG with our first pick in the 2nd round, I hope it’s Reynolds.


The last thing this team needs is more swingmen so I’m not even going to discuss the possibility of selecting a SG or SF this summer. If Walsh does go SG/SF I will be absolutely shocked.


The reason I combined the front court is just due to the fact in D’Antoni’s system players could be placed anywhere and the 4 and the 5 are easily swapped.

Jarvis Varnado

Reminds me a lot of Tyrus Thomas, but if he keeps building muscle and putting on weight Varnado could potentially be a longterm option at PF. Varnado leads the country in blocks per game, and the Knicks desperately need help in that category as they are one of the NBA’s worst. Varnado would be a perfect fit in New York.

Dexter Pittman

Pittman is one of the few true centers in this draft, which is something the Knicks desperately need. Lee is not the long term option at center, but perhaps a guy like Pittman might be. Pittman is 6’10, but weighs in at roughly 290. He reminds me a lot of Kendrick Perkins in Boston, and a little of Dejaun Blair. Before Texas fell apart he was a big reason for this team’s success, and adding him would be huge for our frontcourt.

These are a just few look-ins at some possible selections for this summer’s draft, and although we’re all awaiting free agency I’d rather focus at one thing at a time.

Walsh has been absolutely horrible in terms of drafting since he’s come to New York, but who knows, perhaps third time’s the charm.