My Top 10 Favorite Knicks Ever


So with no recent news other then the Knicks getting 5 nationally televised games to hype up next summers free agent class I decided to make a list. Not just any list, my favorite Knicks ever.

10. Nate Robinson

Nate has brought a lot to this team over the years whether fans want to admit it or not. Nate is a 2x Slam Dunk champion and really the face of the Knicks the last few years. He’s a high-energy guy who you love to have off the bench, but when you give him extended minutes it accelerates the aging process quite fast. Watching Nate’s dunks and speed up and down the court has been a treat and hope to see him return this fall.

9. Mark Jackson

Mark is probably my 2nd favorite PG’s in Knicks history and you’ll read who’s ahead of him later. Jackson was a great ball handler and leader. He is a former Rookie Of The Year and ran the Knicks better then anyone before him. His court vision was astounding and really made players like Ewing and Houston a lot better with his passes and defense.

8. Daivd Lee

Regardless of what Lee does this offseason, he’s been my favorite Knick since his tenure here. Lee’s abilities don’t match the likes of Ewing or Oakley, but his hustle and tenacity has elevated his game to a much higher level then I believe possible. He comes out every night and is a double-double machine. And who can forget his buzzer beater tip in? When Lee walks off the court each game he is one of the few players in the league who you’re sure gave it there all. Keep it up Lee.

7. Stephon Marbury

Is there really much to say about this guy? He was basically kicked out of New York for previous circumstances with D’Antoni and was forced to sit out games because he wasn’t wanted when the likes of Duhon was in the starting lineup. Marbury was the last player to take the Knicks to the playoffs and will hold that mark until at least next season. Marbury is a funny guy and really got a bad rap in New York. He was fun to watch, regardless of how bad the supporting cast was. And if you haven’t been watching his webshow you’re missing out.

6. Latrell Sprewell

Yeah, he’s on welfare now and not really a guy to look up to but Sprewell was the last Knick to carry this team to the NBA Finals. Sprewell was nothing short of excellent in New York and making the Finals as an 8th seed is just unheard of. A large part of that success goes to Sprewell and I still love watching his highlights, excluding the missed layup against the Spurs.

5. Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson. How can you describe the guy? He’s electric on and off the court and really brought a lot to the game. What he brought to this city was critical to the Knicks playoff runs in the 90’s. Johnson was a treat to watch and one of the best in Knicks history.

4. Charles Oakley

Oakley was a Knick for 10 years, but left just one year before our big run. It was sad to not have him around just because of how great Oakley/Ewing was in the post. Oakley’s personality was unique and his antics are forever engraved in Knicks fans minds.

3.John Starks

Starks was never “The Guy” on the Knicks and never got a lot of praise for his abilities. Starks was one of the best 6th men ever to play the game. His speed and agility often matched Ward’s but never really got into that starter mold. Starks was great and the closest version to him in today’s game would be Bobby Jackson. Both could start or come off the bench and be effective.

2. Patrick Ewing

Perhaps the greatest Knick ever. Ewing was as a Knick for 15 years and was one of the most dominant big men to ever enter the game. Although there is still speculation on how the Knicks ended up with Ewing, I still commend Stern for the pick and sealing the deal for a bright future. Ewing is a great guy and coach and is doing wonders for Howard in Orlando. It’s unfortunate he was never offered the head coaching gig here this past season.

1. LeBron James


1. Allan Houston

Houston is without a doubt my favorite Knick ever. Houston was a 3 point ace and one of the best shooters in Knicks history. Houston’s game was how I modeled my own. Coming of screens for a 3. Houston may not have been a superstar, but he was consistent and was never afraid to shoot. It was a sad day when I found Houston just couldn’t leave the game. He would play forever if he could and I really admire that.