New York Knicks and Mike Woodson take giant step back

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Apr 5, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Phil Jackson in attendance during game between the New York Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks at Madison Square Garden. New York Knicks defeat the Milwaukee Bucks 101-83. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Greg Anthony

“[Hiring Phil Jackson] will go a long way in revamping the culture of this franchise.”

Carmelo Anthony

“It’s not a distraction at all. If anything, it made us come together more as a team, as a unit, to really kind of keep that on the outside. We’re excited and happy that it got done, instead of all the speculation that’s been going on. So finally, it’s signed, sealed and delivered.”

Pau Gasol

“I think the Knicks are fortunate to have him. I know they gave him a big contract and a big investment, but I think he’s worth every cent of it.”

Isiah Thomas

“Phil Jackson is a great mind, and anytime you can add him in any capacity to your organization, it’s a positive, He’s one of the best minds in the game. Whatever he sets his mind to do, I’m sure he’s more than capable of doing it.”

Tyson Chandler

“I could definitely see [Jackson luring big names to the Big Apple]. Phil has a way of bringing the best out of players and maximizing talent. I don’t know him personally, I just have all the respect in the world for him, what he’s been able to accomplish. I’ve been in a [playoff] series against him, and you can’t say much more than he’s basketball royalty.”

Mark Cuban

“My bucket boy is back. It’s great just because of the legacy, the pedigree, the questions. Can he do it again? He’s won everywhere he’s gone, including his first stop in New York, so can he do it again?”

Michael Jordan

“Phil can do some good things with them because he’s gifted. He’s very smart. He’ll figure out pretty quickly what needs to get done and he’ll have plenty of guys in the league willing to help him, myself included.”

Magic Johnson

“In signing Phil Jackson Owner Jim Dolan & Steve Mills are saying to the Knicks fans, they’re ready to win now.”

Amar’e Stoudemire

“With his pedigree, he’s a champion, he’s a leader. He knows what it takes to win and he’s been around great organizations that have been successful. So hopefully that same input will be placed here in New York.”

Steve Kerr

“I understand the speculation. I’ve said I wanted to coach at some point in my life, I know Phil, I played for him [with the Bulls]. People are sort of connecting the dots, but it’s very uncomfortable commenting on speculation, especially when it comes to someone else’s jobs. I was the general manager in Phoenix for three years, and I loved being on the court with the players. That’s when it piqued my interest, but I also love working at TNT. I’ve got the greatest gig going. I’m always going to keep my eyes open. I think it’s important in life to always keep looking forward and being open to new things.”

 Stu Jackson

“There are some similarities between coaching and going into management with respect to when you take over an organization, it makes sense to evaluate the current staff that you’re inheriting and then making some decisions as to staff and its structure that you would like to go forward with. The challenges, coming from being a coach to being an administrator, involve understanding the landscape and the groups of people who are new and who you have to deal with as it relates to improving and building a team.”

So even in last night loss I can celebrate, I know the new Sheriff will clean up this mess.  What did Sheriff Jackson say, “I think that this is an opportunity and that’s what I look at it as, not as a possible failure chance. It’s just a wonderful opportunity to do something that I love and that’s be with a basketball team, hopefully create a team that loves each other and plays with each other.”

I could not agree any more.


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