NBA Stars and their NFL Counterpart

As the sports world is drooling at the mouth for football to start tonight as the Super Bowl winning Giants take on their rival Cowboys, basketball will take steps back in the news. Baseball is in its pennant race and NFL and college are in full effect. Basketball will have to wait its turn now. I think it will be fun to compare the NFL and NBA stars and find their mirror image in the opposite league. Let’s start.


Aaron Rodgers and LeBron James

Both are in their prime and are the best in their sport. Both have one championship ring and are coming off an MVP season. Rodgers might be more liked right now but LeBron is defiantly regaining his popularity. No question they are the best and will dominant their sports in the years to come.


Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant

Brady and Bryant have both dominated the 2000’s. A combined eight championships and 12 championship appearances are just amazing. Both are first ballot Hall of Famers and can make the case of being the greatest of all time. Brady and Bryant’s teams both reloaded and want to win now. Don’t be surprised if both these superstars add another ring to their fingers this year.


Calvin Johnson and Kevin Durant

Megatron and Durant both are freak athletes that never fail to make your jaw drop. Calvin and Durant are both on the covers this year of their respected league’s video game. Both are so young yet the most dominant scorers and playmakers in their sport. The Lions and Thunder both are very young and are built to win now and for the future. Johnson and Durant will be making highlights for the next decade.


Drew Brees and Chris Paul

Drew Brees and CP3 are both two of the most professional and likeable athletes in their leagues. Brees and Paul are top two at their positions which are loaded with talent this year. Both are also media favorites and born leaders. They both were key to New Orleans recovery after Hurricane Katrina. Even though Paul has left, he will forever be remembered as one of the best Hornets. Brees is the best Saints player of all time and is a god in that city. They put up amazing numbers and want nothing less for their teams than a championship.


Darrelle Revis and Dwight Howard

Revis Island and Dwight Howard have had similarities in their career. In uniform, they are both the most dominant defenders in their league. Revis is the definition of a shut down corner and most Jets fans take for granted what they actually have in Revis. Howard is just a beast in the paint and has won multiple Defensive Player of the Year awards. Off the court and field, both have been headaches for their front offices. Revis hasn’t been bad this year but when he held out for a new contract he was talk of Jets camp. He was rumored to hold out this year again but decided against it. We all know the Dwight story and his constant cry to leave Orlando. He got his wish and now is playing in LA. Both defensive stars play for the two biggest cities in the USA.


Michael Vick and Derrick Rose

Vick and Rose are MVP candidates when healthy and kill their team when they are hurt. Vick and Rose are wizards with the ball and are human highlight reels. Both their speed and quickness can win their team’s game with one play. But neither guy can stay healthy enough and they must if they ever want to lead Chicago or Philly to a coveted championship their cities are dying for.


Philip Rivers and Carmelo Anthony

Rivers and Melo have all the talent in the world. Both put up huge numbers every year and fill up the stat sheet every game. They both share one common flaw – postseason failure. The Chargers were the favorites for years and always came up short. Carmelo is a top 3three scorer in the league but has only led his team out of the first round of the playoffs once. Both the Chargers and Knicks expect these guys to lead them to the glory land and win now. These talented guys are in their prime and need to win now before it’s too late and are labeled failures.

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