Knicks-Heat First Half Live Blogging!

We’re trotting out a new idea that may or may not become a recurring theme as the year comes to a close: the live-blog. Instead of a normal recap, BoB contributor Greg Marino and I are here to provide our thoughts as they happened.  And if they suck, we’ll never do it again.  Sound like a win-win? Let’s find out:

Will:  There he is!

Greg:  Here we go. Eddy Curry doing a fantastic sorority “skinny arm” in that pose

Will:  First of all, you arrived before 85% of the Miami crowd. So congrats on that. And secondly, Shawne Williams is starting

Greg:  I would’ve been later but the mojito’s at my mother’s house were terrible

Will:  Sounds like my prom night

Greg:  I still can’t believe I let you take her


Will:  Hubie has been fellashing Billups since they hit the air. You’re aware he’s not just a throw-in in this trade right?

Greg:  He’s hit some big shots in his career Will

Will:  Yes we were all alive in 2004 when that was happening.


Will:  Whenever lebron spots up for 3 i get preemptively angry…in anticipation of seeing him make it and being even more angry

Greg:  Anthony Carter is not a throw in

Will:  Anthony Carter ladies and gentlemen! Wade drives and scores with a foul on Turiaf


Greg:  What is my meth dealer doing here?

Will:  Mike Miller got robbed at the Emmys. Breaking Bad is a hell of a show

Greg:  I also loved him as the charming hoodrat hooker in Hustle and Flow.


Greg:  There are currently a lot of horrible basketball players on the court for us

Will:  Yeah interesting strategy cotton, let’s see how it plays out.

Carter Douglas and Billups eh Mike? As Chris Russo said many times, you’re killin me mike. Lebron and 1, foul on Anthony.

Timeout, 26-17, 2:43 to go in the first


Greg:  Lebron must work out

Will:  Honestly does he look any different from when he first entered the league?

Greg:  other than the tail and pitch fork?


Will: Breaking Bad for three. Carmelo and Amare have all of the Knicks field goals save 1

Will:  Melo 1-2 at the line, Knicks down 30-20. Balkman with a steal and how have we not mentioned him yet

Greg:  Balkman somehow looks skinnier and higher than he did 2 years ago. I thought he was strictly gateway?!


Greg:  Things are getting chippy with LeBron and Melo

Will:  Melo with two more FT’s. I hope Melo becomes the anti-hero in all this.  America doesnt want to root for him, except now with LeBron as the ultimate antagonist


Will:  So, this is a lot of minutes for Anthony Carter. As he bricks a three and LBJ finishes on the one man break. When does Carter playing this much get weird?

Greg:  On the plus side, DJ Khaled looks like he has fantastic seats. The sooner we find out what he does for a living the better

Will:  Seats aren’t hard to find, you know.

Well whatever he does, we know he’s the best.  He keeps telling us so.


Greg:  Carter, Balkman, Douglas, Turiaf, Anthony. Wow

Will:  Maybe Carter won some kind of pregame raffle amongst the new Knicks. Douglas misses a runner as the Knicks end the first quarter down 34-23.

Start of the Second Quarter

Will: I could see the Knicks coming back here, as Fields will head to the line off a nice flex cut

Greg:  I know we’ve beaten it to death, but Mike Miller is so powerfully unattractive that it shocks my senses in a new way every single time they show him

Will:  Well that’s because of, you know, all the meth that he’s been doing

Will: Shawne Williams hits a 2 to cut it to 9. Carter forces a Wade turnover!

Greg:  Carter is doing a fantastic job on Wade right now

Will:  He is a very energetic defender

Greg:  Somehow our entire team just got knocked out

Will:  that was a very energetic offensive foul on Douglas


Will: Amar’e takes a charge on D-Wade. Wade broke down Fields, who was literally shuffling in the wrong direction, and hit our Meth dealer for a 3

Greg:  D3 might need some more of the blue layer for hops

Will:  My Celtics fan friend: “This game is ridiculously entertaining.” I take a certain pride in that for some reason. The Knicks are entertainers and icons, as you know, like Cam Newton

Greg:  and the Far East Movement


Timeout, 41-32, 8:15 second quarter

Will:  How did Kyle Korver make it into ESPN’s changing of the East graphic??? Amar’e LeBron Melo Wade Boozer…Korver


Will:  Toney Douglas, who is chucking tonight, misses and LeBron gets another and 1 as Shawne Williams tries to draw a charge, far too late

Greg:  One would think that Shawne Williams would get that call. He’s a starting center in this league, after all

Will:  Why are we going small right now? Can you riddle me that

Greg:  “The Heat are too big for the Knicks” How is this even possible?

Will:  Timeout 48-36, 5:30 to go. I feel like Turiaf just disappears for stretches. Like he’s injured 20 minutes at a time and they just never bring him in even though they need him

Greg:  Nobody has mastered short term injuries quite like Ronny

Will:  I know this has never been said before, but is it possible that we only like him because he’s French?

Greg:  I thought we liked him because he has ADHD. Either way I’m on board with no longer liking him if thats where we are headed


Greg:  I picture Bill Walker and Balkman staying later after practice discussing their all time favorite personal fouls. Except for the staying late after practice part

Will:  If that were Wedding Crashers, it would end with Kurt Thomas and Shandon Anderson emerging from the shadows, screaming at their mothers about the meat loaf.

Greg:  LeBron James’ lack of post up game is beyond befuddling at this point

Will:  He’s being guarded by Landry Fields, for goodness sake


Timeout, 51-42, 2:35 to go in the half

Greg:  This Kia commercial simply reiterates my disappointment that Blake griffin dunked in front of a car rather than over it

Will:  I was just having the same discussion. The 6th best dunk of the night got its own commercial. And it also got the revelation that Kenny Smith…probably met with Mike Miller before the dunk contest

Greg:  The man knows quality

Will:  And he knows obstacles. Cars, and obstacles

Greg:  Knick guards are 4-17. That is an obstacle

Will:  Indeed


Will: Carmelo off the spin in the post, Knicks down 7. LeBron travels!

Greg:  Great defense by Walker there. Shocking himself among others

Will:  Not sure if it was a travel, but he ended up stripping him anyway. Hey there’s that Mr. Big Shot

Greg:  I assume you mean Chris Bosh?

Will:  Billups for 3, now Melo going to the line and Melo brings the Knicks’ deficit to just 2 with a minute to go

Greg:  Walker guarding Lebron straight up

Will:  and stripping him!

Greg:  Melo…”2 for 1 if it’s a bad shot, its not a good shot”, couldnt have said it better myself Hubie

Will:  Bully at the buzzer! And the Knicks lead by 1 at the break! The Knicks cap a 16-0 run!

Thoughts on the first half?

Greg:  Amar’e and Carmelo have kept us in it but they seem to be alternating possessions

Will:  Agreed, but theyr’e both having success

Greg:  Well that’s because they are really effing good

Will:  Puts a much better face on things. Excellent analysis Monte. You’re not the best color man in the biz for nothing

Greg:  If our guards can give us anything we have a chance

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