Knicks-Heat Live-Blog: Half Two, Rivalry Boogaloo

Start of the third quarter

Greg:  Carmelo says don’t bring that weak assed $H!+ up in this humpty dumpty

Will:  Melo and Paul Pierce, as Jon Barry would say, are two of the great scorers that WE have in OUR league

And both are just nailed to the floor

I think that was Melo’s max vert

Greg: Say what you want about Dampier

Will:  And I will

Greg:  But his breasts look fantastic tonight

Will:  Biggest cougar in the building

Greg:  LeBron’s mother might have a bone to pick with that comment

Will:  Wouldn’t be the first time

Greg:  Hiyo!


Will: Heat appear to have regrouped at halftime

Greg:  This is ugly basketball

Will: Chalmers make your bunnies son!

Greg:  2 Forwards 1 Cup

Will:  Amar’e with a putback, timeout Miami, Heat 61, Knicks 56, 6:02 3rd quarter

Knicks with 6 TO’s in six minutes here


Greg:  I’m not even asking Chauncey to run

Will:  Good.  I don’t think that’s in the offing tonight.

Greg:  A controlled canter would probably do the trick

Will:  You can ask him to waddle, I believe

Greg:  I’ve been waiting for the punchline of this D-Wade commercial for like six weeks

Will:  The fact that Kevin Hart is involved in that is really making me question my sense of humor

Much like this entire G-Chat recapping concept


Will:  Amar’e looking deadly in isolation tonight

The Knicks will have some serious safety valves when this whole thing comes together

Greg:  He and Aldridge are the only two players in the league that even attempt that fall away face up (among bigs)

Billups with yet another unforgiveable chuck

Will:  mm

Greg:  Oh



Will:  Melo to the bucket

Spinning and winning, I believe is the phrase


Will: Knicks fans with an audible Defense chant

Greg:  Mike Miller silences the garden crowd his home arena with a three


Timeout, 66-60, 3:02

Greg:  Apparently Anne Hathaway is having a Billupsish performance at the Oscars right now

Will:  Sorry, is that a good thing?

I don’t think of her as having much charisma

Greg:  It’s a very very bad thing

Will:  She’s a little stiff

Greg:  Apparently it’s a train wreck

Will:  My dream would be to have January Jones host

She is a charisma vortex

Greg:  My dream would be Mozgov hosting

What are my chances?


Will:  What a move from Melo

How many guys in the league can avoid a charge there

Greg:  LeBron is passing so well right now and none of his teammates seem to care

Will:  So you gauge their caring by how many shots they make?

Because none of these guys is good at basketball


Will:  Melo for 3

Knicks down 1

Greg:  Melo is heating up

Will:  End of the third, Knicks down 1 after ending the quarter on yet another run


Greg:  Extra E for 3…kinda wanted Melo to destroy LeBron off the dribble there

Will:  I kind of want ShawnE to start hitting threes again

People are starting to forget it’s why he’s out there

Greg:  I don’t know he dribbled behind his back 2 minutes ago and was dangerously close to maintaining possesion

Will:  I was grabbing my privates in fear during that entire sequence

ShawnE is 4 for his last 17 from 3 btw

I know he was great at watching LeBron launch bricks over him that one time, but he needs to hit treys to stay out there

Of course, on this team, I guess you just need to be 6-9 to stay out there

Start of the Fourth Quarter

Greg:  This Spolestra/Bucher cross exam is too good

Will:  “Coach, who hates the Knicks more, you or me?”

“I would say probably you, Ric”

Greg:  I can’t tell if Bucher is less comfortable with a microphone or by standing that close to Spoelstra’s herpes flare up


Will:  Anthony Carter with a steal and layin

You know Greg, Anthony Carter wasn’t just a throw-in!

I think he was the linchpin of this deal!

Greg:  Is it to early/pathetic to wonder where Corey Brewer is?

Will:  Is it too early to challenge Mike Wilbon’s prediction that tonight’s winner would need 126 points?

No, and no

Timeout, Heat lead 74-69, 8:55 to play


Will:  Do you get the sense that at some point, Eddie House has to hit a three?

Me neither

Greg:  No designated 3pt shooter misses threes more wildly

Will:  Bully for 3

Greg:  I was positive that shot was dropping


Will:  What in the hell was that shot by Billups

Greg:  Was that Billups shot serious?

Will:  Jinx!

Tirico: “Knicks can tie with a triple.”

Mike, trust me, they know. Don’t encourage them


Greg:  Anthony D’ing up Lebron

Will:  LeBron is no Antawn Jamison

Greg:  Bosh looks like hes starring in a remake of “The Accused” every time he gets fouled

Will:  Can Spike Lee get a technical foul?

I would T up Spike if I could

Instead, it’s Billups with the T


Greg:  Normally it takes a knockout drag out JR Smith crowd fight to get Carmelo this heated

I’m loving his intensity on defense right now

Will:  Amar’e nowhere to be found on the defensive glass

Then grabs a second chance on the other end, and finishes underneath

Greg:  Shawne Williams looks like he is falling down the stairs every time he puts the ball on the floor


Timeout, Heat lead 82-78 with 3 minutes to play

Will:  Great shot of Rick Brunson there in that Knicks-Heat rivalry montage

I know you’re thinking the same

Greg:  Pretty weird to air a Bloodsport montage in the middle of a Knicks game

Will:  They didn’t even include Chong Li

Greg:  Wait, then who wore number 34 for the Knicks?

Will:  Oak Li

Greg:  Hahaha


Greg:  Melo guarded straight up by Meth Miller

Will:  Melo lays a brick over Meth Miller

Greg:  Wow

Will:  We are a little too in sync right now


Will:  84-80 Heat, 1:47 to go

Billups with an incredible runner in the lane!

Two-point game!

Greg:  He got accosted on that

Will:  Knicks have really fought hard tonight

They can tie it here

1:00 to play

Greg:  It’s Melo time.  Make sure Billups knows that

Will:  Billups pulls up for 3!!!

85-84 Knicks, timeout Heat!

Greg:  Sigh

Will:  Senor Grantiro!


Greg:  Knicks are only 41 points from pushing the Wilbon “over”

Will:  Nobody puts a run together like the New York Knicks

Now, can they get a stop?

Greg:  Will can you remind me whether or not Chauncey was a ‘throw-in’?

Will:  He was.

I’m pretty sure it was Anthony Carter that got the deal done.

Will:  Steal by Billups, Williams can’t finish but he’ll go to the line

Greg:  BRO

Throw. That. Down.

Will: Williams goes 2-2 at the line, 87-84 Knicks, 40 seconds left

LBJ draws the foul on Amar’e, who appeared to get all ball

James to the line

Makes both, one point game, Heat will not foul


Will:  Knicks call timeout with 4 to shoot, 13 seconds left

On a team with Billups, Melo and Amar’e, it looked like no one wanted it all of a sudden

Greg:  You have to get Carmelo the ball there

Will:  They have to get it to him right here on this inbounds

Greg:  This crunch time lineup is absurd

Will:  It should be noted that Bill Walker has gotten ALL the Fields crunch time minutes

Greg:  Great minds, once again.

Will:  Bully steps on the baseline, turnover

Greg:  So many questions right now

Will:  He may have been pushed by Miller there

Tough to ask for a foul though


Will:  So the Heat will have it down by one with 12 seconds left.  The Knicks do have timeouts in the event of a quick score

Greg:  Good, I want to make sure Bully gets another shot

Will:  James with it

Blocked by Amar’e!!!!

Greg:  OH MY GOD

Superlative defense by Melo and great help by Amar’e

Will:  Williams with the rebound and he’ll go to the line with 7 seconds left

Melo with excellent D on James as well

ShawnE makes both once again, and Miami calls its final timeout with 6.7 seconds left, down by 3

A fantastic effort from the entire team tonight, win or lose


Greg:  If the Knicks pull this game out is there a chance that the fans storm the court?

Will:  None, because this isn’t Boston where the fans are surprised by success

Yes I’m bitter about living here

Here we go

Greg:  Miami has several players who can stroke it with confidence

Will:  James misses the three!!!

Bully on the board, and he’ll head to the line to ice it with the Heat out of timeouts

Hiiiiggghhhh bounce….

And in!

Will:  Bully makes both and the Knicks win it, 91-86


Greg:  Hubie calls this an embarrassing loss for Miami

Will:  I couldn’t believe that

Are the Knicks good, or aren’t they?

Because we kept hearing how the Knicks are back from the media

So either they’re good, or losing to them is embarrassing

Greg:  And yet none of them are willing to predict whether or not we will be good

Will:  Billups looks like he just stepped out of a swamp

Jon Barry actually said he didn’t like the deal, only mainstream media guy I remember saying that

Other than Will Woods of Buckets Over Broadway of course, who is beginning to look like an idiot.

Ok this has gone on way too long, let’s bring this baby in for a landing.  A great win for the Knicks tonight even regardless of the loss in Cleveland – they’re going to make the playoffs barring injuries now, and these are the wins that will give them a fighting chance come April.  Knicks now 2-2 against Miami.

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