The NY Knicks need to get creative by going old school

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NY Knicks, Alec Burks

NY Knicks, Alec Burks (Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images)

The goal of the NY Knicks‘ season was to take another step forward in the journey towards becoming a championship contender.

That is why 2021-22 was considered to be a “Bridge Year”.

There were no moves that could have been made to catapult New York into contender status.

Instead, the front office made fewer ‘splashy’ moves in order to position the team to make a run at a disgruntled star via trade.

But there are no guarantees the right player will be made available and if he does, that the Knicks have the necessary assets to beat competing offers.

So it is in the Knicks’ best interest to get creative in order to maximize this roster’s potential.

Are the NY Knicks approaching their Turning Point?

Thibs has already started experimenting and surprised everyone by inserting Alec Burks into the starting lineup.

While the move hasn’t paid dividends yet, it looks like it will in the long run.

Going big on the perimeter not only addresses the issues they had on defense when Kemba was starting, but it actually creates mismatches on offense that the Knicks can exploit.

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