NY Knicks: 3 free agents to stay away from this offseason

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NY Knicks (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The NY Knicks come into the 2021 NBA Offseason with something they haven’t been in possession of in nearly a decade — hope.

After shocking the sports world this past season by winning 41 games and attaining their first playoff berth since 2013, the Knickerbockers proved to be a team on the rise.

Now, with ample cap space heading into the summer (could see up to $53 million at their disposal) they could certainly wind up capitalizing on their surprise success and, in turn, set themselves up to further their good fortunes moving forward.

Of course, as we’ve seen from this very same franchise in the past, such a turnout is no guarantee.

Yes, I’m quite aware that there’s a different regime of basketball minds running the show now, but PTSD is an unfortunate presence that flares its ugly head up every so often and, heading into a summer seemingly set up for glory isn’t doing me any favors.

In order to come away from this offseason as unequivocal winners, proper planning is without a doubt a must. To some, the most important thing the NY Knicks brass should do is keep tabs on players they may wish to pursue this offseason.

Some, however, may feel that perhaps a different approach is in order: writing off players right from the start.

Figuring out who to steer clear of could help speed up the process when it comes to their offseason endeavors and, to some of us here at DK, there are 3 free agents, in specific, New York should strongly consider staying away from:

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