New York Knicks: Projected 2020 NBA Draft Lottery order for Dec. 16

Five games since David Fizdale’s firing, where do the New York Knicks stand in the projected 2020 NBA Draft Lottery order?

The New York Knicks sit in position for a top pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. They have selected in the lottery four of the past five drafts, resulting in Kristaps Porzingis, Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox and RJ Barrett, and it seems likely that someone else chosen in the top 10 joins them next season.

The 2020 draft is still far away, but the potential lottery order continues to take shape. As of Dec. 16, where do the Knicks place?

  1. Golden State Warriors (5-23): Golden State’s loss to the Knicks moved them up the lottery order, and with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson not returning anytime soon, this situation will remain the same for the rest of the season.
  2. New York Knicks (6-21): Despite a two-game winning streak, the Knicks remain tied for the No. 2 spot in the lottery order. They will probably float around here for the rest of the season unless this recent surge in play sticks throughout the winter. Elfrid Payton‘s return has helped.
  3. New Orleans Pelicans (6-21): Without Zion Williamson for the foreseeable future, New Orleans is among the NBA’s worst teams by record. They have young talent, and Jrue Holiday remains in place at point guard. However, if they move pieces before the deadline, there could be another play at a top draft pick ahead.
  4. Atlanta Hawks (6-21): The Hawks have struggled in Trae Young‘s second season, but rookies like De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish were never going to be overnight upgrades.
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers (6-20): Kevin Love will leave via trade at some point, further sinking this slow rebuild in Cleveland.
  6. Washington Wizards (7-17): The Wizards might be the most entertaining team of the bottom six, with a potent offense and a horrific defense. They will add another piece to this Bradley Beal-led core.
  7. Memphis Grizzlies (9-17): Memphis has upside, but it won’t be seen for a few years.
  8. Chicago Bulls (10-18): The Bulls are underwhelming under coach Jim Boylen. They have young talent, but are any of them long-term pieces in the Windy City?
  9. Portland Trail Blazers (10-16): Carmelo Anthony or not, Portland is one of the NBA’s most disappointing teams.
  10. San Antonio Spurs (10-15): Right behind the Blazers, the San Antonio Spurs are at risk of not making the playoffs for the first time since 1996-97.
  11. Minnesota Timberwolves (10-15): Minnesota needs more pieces around Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins.
  12. Charlotte Hornets (12-17): PJ Washington is intriguing but Charlotte needs more.
  13. Detroit Pistons (11-15): If the Pistons trade Andre Drummond, a long rebuild is ahead.
  14. Phoenix Suns (11-14): Despite a hot start, the Suns have fallen below .500. They will have Deandre Ayton back soon, however.

It’s early for the New York Knicks and others, so the projected lottery order will continue to play out as 2019 ends and 2020 arrives.