New York Knicks slide down projected 2020 NBA Draft Lottery order

Where do the New York Knicks land in the latest projected lottery order for the 2020 NBA Draft?

The New York Knicks are 4-10 through the season’s first three weeks. While not the NBA’s worst record, it is among the lowest among the 30 teams. This potentially means they will find another spot high in the next draft lottery, which takes place in May 2020.

Not the only team in the running for the lottery’s top spot, others have found little success to open the 2019-20 campaign. Where does it place each of them in the second edition of the projected lottery order? Let’s take a look:

  1. Golden State Warriors (2-12): After losing Stephen Curry to a hand injury and D’Angelo Russell to his own ailment, the Warriors have trotted out the league’s worst record. They have a good play at the top pick with a completely overturned roster from their dynasty years.
  2. Washington Wizards (3-8): The Wizards still don’t have John Wall, but Bradley Beal remains in town and Rui Hachimura has played well. They are a foregone conclusion to be a lottery team.
  3. New York Knicks (4-10): More of them shortly.
  4. Chicago Bulls (4-10): The Bulls have a plethora of young pieces, but they still underperform. After accumulating so many of them, will some of them move via trade down the road?
  5. New Orleans Pelicans (4-9): Without Zion Williamson, the Pelicans remain one of the NBA’s worst teams by record.
  6. Detroit Pistons (4-9): Outside of Andre Drummond and productive Luke Kennard performances, the Pistons have few bright spots.
  7. Cleveland Cavaliers (4-9): The Cavaliers also have young pieces, but they remain years from competing.
  8. Atlanta Hawks (4-9): Trae Young is a terrific building block. Outside of him, Atlanta has work to do to become a playoff team.
  9. San Antonio Spurs (5-9): Perhaps the most surprising of the way-too-early projections, the Spurs have floundered to open the season.
  10. Sacramento Kings (5-7): The Kings were expected to play better to start the season.
  11. Portland Trail Blazers (5-9): Another surprise drop-off, Portland just signed Carmelo Anthony to help their wing scoring.
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder (5-8): Chris Paul is probably not the future in Oklahoma City, but they are at least somewhat competitive.
  13. Memphis Grizzlies (5-8): Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Brandon Clarke look good. Outside of them, this team has years to go.
  14. Brooklyn Nets (5-8): Kyrie Irving aside, this team is waiting for Kevin Durant‘s return in October 2020.
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The Knicks’ positioning is two spots lower from the previous lottery projection. They have won two of their last three games, but a spot in the lottery remains likely, if not inevitable, for coach David Fizdale’s bunch.

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