New York Knicks: Scott Perry strikes right chord at Draft Combine

While the need for a wing is high, general manager Scott Perry’s draft philosophy should be music to the ears of New York Knicks fans.

Who are the New York Knicks going to take in the 2018 NBA Draft with the ninth overall selection? General manager Scott Perry isn’t ready to tip his hand on that yet.

He couldn’t if he wanted to, considering eight teams in front of the Knicks will be making their own independent decisions first.

But each organization has a certain philosophy regarding the draft. Some aim to fill needs, while others just want the best player available. There are even a few who center their efforts on stashing international prospects abroad who can develop over time.

For Perry, it’s all about the best player available.

“We’re still in that talent acquisition phase,” Perry said on television during this week’s Draft Combine. “So when we get down to the ninth pick, at the end of the day, we’re going to pick the very best player.”

Perry is completely right in his assessment of where the team is at now. Look no further than ESPN’s RPM metric. Only two players sported an RPM above 1.0: Kristaps Porzingis (injured most of the year) and Kyle O’Quinn (pending free agent).

New York can use talent wherever they can find it.

That mentality is reflected in some of the players New York met with during the Draft Combine. The list includes point guard Collin Sexton, big man Wendell Carter Jr., wing Kevin Knox, and position-fluid Michael Porter Jr.

All of that being said, Perry isn’t necessarily opposed to drafting a wing, the team’s biggest area of need: “If it happens to be a wing, then so be it.”

The New York Knicks aren’t singularly focused on filling a need with their top pick in the draft, though. That’s the proper decision for a proper rebuild.