Rasheed Wallace Coming Along Slowly; Still Hasn’t Practiced

Everyone knows that the New York Knicks latest signing Rasheed Wallace was a player who didn’t like to come to camp in shape and preferred to use the beginning of the season to get his body in proper condition.

Naturally he wasn’t ready to go when the Knicks decided to take a gamble on him so head coach Mike Woodson is forced to bring Wallace along very slow so far through camp.

Wallace still hasn’t practiced with his new teammates and won’t make the trip Thursday for the Knicks first preseason game against the Washington Wizards.

‘Sheed has participated in some full-court drills, but isn’t sure when he’ll actually practice and play, saying the decision was all up to Woodson.

“He’ll give me an idea of when he wants me out there,” Wallace said. “If it’s mid-November, then it’s mid-November. Or if it’s December, then it’s December. It’s on him, not me.”

Woodson says Wallace is being evaluated on a day-to-day basis and is being held out of action because Wallace is still in conditioning mode. It’s already been eight days of camp for Wallace and he has yet to scrimmage with his new teammates.

Knowing Wallace’s history, this comes as no surprise, nor is it anything to panic about.

But with practically a brand new roster and some guys banged up already, it would have been nice if ‘Sheed were in some type of condition coming in so he could at least get to know some of his new teammates tendencies, just in case Wallace is forced to play a bigger role than originally planned, which very well could be a possibility.

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