How Serious Is Carmelo’s Elbow Injury?

Remember when Carmelo Anthony first hurt his elbow? It was his second game as a Knick and they were facing off against the lowliest of the low Cleveland Cavaliers. Anthony fought through numbness, played terrible, and through his efforts, ultimately gave an entire city of basketball enthusiasts serious acid indigestion.
Well it looks like despite that little mishap occurring a little over five months ago, Anthony isn’t completely healed. This from FoxSports:

Carmelo Anthony has been secretly rehabbing a bum right elbow at the New York Knicks’ practice facility, and has been prohibited from lifting weights and shooting since the season ended in late April, the New York Post reported Thursday.

Anthony is suffering from elbow bursitis, a condition he had earlier this season in Denver. It flared up with the Knicks in late February when he talked about the possibility of having a drainage procedure but added he “doesn’t like going under the knife.”

So yea, wow. Being a huge fan of basketball and the NBA as a whole, the timing of this report’s release is just undeniably fabulous. Not only is the pending lockout giving my head an insufferable migraine that probably won’t be relieved until the fall, but Carmelo Anthony hasn’t been practicing his jump shot in over two months! Glory be, hallelujah!