Rip Hamilton unhappy in Detroit

Recent reports by have brought out the Pistons Rip Hamilton’s frustration with how this past season has gone and the direction the team is going in.

It appears as though the losing has taken its toll on him and watching Detroit basketball fall apart has really broken him up. Hamilton was a big part of the 2004 champion team and the 6 straight conference championship runs. Watching this team break up has to be tough to swallow, so perhaps a change of scenery would reignite the fire of one of the best shooters in the game.

A huge need on this team right now is at the SG position and the PG position. Trading for Hamilton could be exactly what we need to fill the need at that spot and get the offensive production D’Antoni wants.

This would certainly be a huge upgrade for us depth wise at the guard spot, but bringing in a veteran winner might be exactly what we need to develop the young players on this team.

It’s also quite clear Chandler isn’t ready to play the SG spot and keeping him at SF would be best for him and his development. And if Gallinari’s back heals correctly putting him at the PF spot could work depending who he has to match up against on a nightly basis.

Now, this wouldn’t solve all of our guard needs but trading for a proven veteran could pay huge dividends down the line; including 2010 and trying to lure players like LeBron, Bosh, Amare, etc.