Apr 13, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert (21) drives to the basket during the second half against the Chicago Bulls at Madison Square Garden. New York Knicks defeat the Chicago Bulls 100-89. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

New York Knicks Featured on new FOX Sports 1 Show

I would like to thank Valerie Krebbs from FOX Sports Communications for passing along the following info.

FOX Sports 1 is premiering a new reality series this weekend called “Back of the Shop,” and Iman Shumpert and Larry Johnson are featured in the debut episode. The show premieres Saturday at 7:00 PM ET on FOX Sports 1, but you can watch the first full episode here now.

For the first time ever, FOX Sports premieres a full episode of an original series before it appears on television and I am happy to bring it to you.

Also featured in the first episode are New York Yankees outfielder Alfonso Soriano and Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz.

To accurately describe the show, “Back of the Shop” is a bunch of current and former sports stars and celebrities getting together in a barbershop to talk about whatever’s on their minds. It makes for a good watch as the guys get into some good conversations.

For instance, in the first episode, Shumpert says why he couldn’t play baseball, and Johnson says that when he played, guys used to smoke cigarettes in the locker room at halftime.

Episode 1 of BACK OF THE SHOP makes its television debut on Saturday, May 24 (7:00 PM ET) on FOX Sports 1 before re-airing in its regular time slot on Tuesday, May 27 (8:30 PM ET). Episode 2, featuring hip hop legend Snoop Dogg, Seattle Mariners superstars Robinson Cano and Felix Hernandez, Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant and New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, premieres Tuesday, June 3 (8:30 PM ET).

Here’s a couple looks at the transcript from the show.

Johnson: “When I first stepped in the NBA, in the locker room at halftime, you could fire up a cigarette.”

Shumpert: “Yeah?”

Johnson: “Oh the NBA was like that. They have men in the NBA, man.”


Shumpert: “I don’t want none of that baseball action, that’s for real. They be getting hit with pitches and all – I’m not with that.”

Ortiz: “Any athlete from any other sport, that’s all they worry about – getting hit by a pitch. I was talking to a couple of friends of mine that play for the Patriots that were like, no man, I prefer being crushed on the field than getting hit by a baseball. I was like, man, I see you guys getting knocked the hell out, and you’re going to tell me that a baseball hurts more than that? No way.”

Shumpert: “I don’t like elbows either, but I know that’s coming. When you play certain players, you just know, I’m gonna catch an elbow. Metta World Peace – he’s trying to win. If it’s a loose ball and you’ve got to go for it with Ron, he don’t care. People be like, he’s dirty. He ain’t dirty, he just wants that ball.”

Enjoy the show.



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