All-Star Weekend: Drinking Game

NBA All-Star weekend is supposed to be fun for the fans and everyone watching. Since the festivities happen on Saturday night, for all those in college and looking to go out, most likely you will be enjoying a few adult beverages while watching. Here’s some fun drinking rules to play while watching the NBA’s finest players compete.

Three-Point Contest:

Contestants, Three-Point Percentage in 2014, and Odds
Aaron Afflalo – 42 3P% – 5/1
Bradley Beal – 43 3P% – 11/2
Kyrie Irving (Defending Champion) – 36 3P% – 5/1
Joe Johnson – 39 3P% – 10/1
Marco Belinelli – 44 3P% – 8/1
Stephen Curry – 41 3P% 9/4
Damian Lillard – 40 3P% – 6/1
Kevin Love – 37 3P% – 5/1

Get 8 of your friends; everyone picks out of a hat a contestant, the winner gets free rounds all night.

For as many shots a player makes a round, everyone drinks for the same amount of seconds

Every time a player hits every shot on the rack, take a shot

If a player air balls, everyone takes 2 shots.

If your player goes hits every shot, you chug a beer

If a player hits 3 or more money balls, take a shot

Beginning of the round: Start chugging when a player makes a shot, continue chugging until he misses, start chugging again when he makes his next shot.

Every time they bring up Damian Lillard’s participating in every event, take a shot

Every time they show Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love with their past trophies, drink

If they show John Wall when Bradley Beal is up, drink

If they show LaMarcus Aldridge when Lillard is up, drink

If someone takes the lead, drink

Dunk Contest Participant and Odds

Harrison Barnes – 11/2
Paul George – 2/1
Damian Lillard – 13/2
Ben McLemore – 6/1
Terrence Ross (Defending Champion)– 7/2
John Wall – 5/1

If a player gets a perfect 50, drink

Every time LeBron James is brought up, take a shot

Every time LeBron is shown, drink

Every time a player messed up a dunk, drink

Same deal as three-point contest, grab 6 buddies and randomly give out players, winner gets free rounds.

If Ben McLemore wins, take 2 shots

When someone takes the lead, drink

Every time Kenny Smith says, “IT’S OVER”, drink

Drinking Rules throughout the night

Every time they show Anthony Davis throughout the night, drink

Every time they show Adam Silver or David Stern throughout the night, drink
Every time @MYNBALegion tweets something corny, take a shot

Every time the future of the league is brought up, drink.

If any past dunks or three point shootouts are shown, drink

Every time Carmelo Anthony’s future is brought up, drink

Every time Kobe Bryant is brought up/shown, drink

Every time Kevin Durant is brought up/shown, drink

If Drew Brees is shown, take a shot

If any New Orleans Saint is show, drink

Everyone drink responsibly and don’t get behind the wheel! Call a cab!

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