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New York Knicks: Time for Toure' Murry to shine

The New York Knicks situation at point guard this season has been unexpectedly bad, as they looked loaded at the position coming into the season.

Raymond Felton was coming off a great year, Pablo Prigioni would be a great off the bench starter after leading the Knicks at the end of the season, Beno Udrih is a solid third stringer, and then they had Toure’ Murry who was expected to ride the bench because of all the quality players in front of him already.

Then the injury bug hit, and Prigioni and Felton went down. Murry would finally get a chance to prove his worth.

He won’t score a lot of points, but that is not what his playing style is. He is an outstanding defender who can run an offense and distribute the ball fairly well. He has shown his worth on defense, and that should earn him some more minutes to help fill the hole the Knicks have at the position.

Felton made his return against the Detroit Pistons, and he and J.R. Smith will be on the court together often. That combination essentially means no defense and the Knicks will easily get torched by opposing guards, especially by a team like the Brooklyn Nets for example, with two top-tier players for their positions, Joe Johnson and Deron Williams.

By bringing in Murry and Iman Shumpert to play the guard position, those are two defenders who can guard the best of them. When they have shared the backcourt together, the Knicks have outscored the opposition by 25.3 points. That is an outstanding margin, one the Knicks should look to take advantage of.

Murry may be young and a risky player to put in during key moments, but he has proven he can be an amazing defender and very capable of defending the best, a similar story to Jeremy Lin, or as you may know him as “Linsanity,” who guided a potentially hapless Knicks team to the playoffs in 2011.

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