Chris Smith has a Tattoo of J.R. Smith on his back

Growing up as the youngest of two boys I can certainly understand the bond shared between Chris & J.R. Smith.  But even with that understanding, I was blown away when made aware of a recent instagram post by Chris Smith in which he shares his newest tattoo with the world.

And what would that tattoo be of you may ask?

How about a picture of his brothers face with the caption “Always got my back” written below.

(pause for laughter/shocking disbelief)

As weird as this is, I guess when your brother gets you a job paying $492,000 per year, where all you have to do is go to shoot arounds and sit court side for NBA games you’d be pretty psyched too.

Whether or not that would ever inspire me to get my brothers face tattooed on my back in a different story altogether.  Nevertheless, this is what Chris Smith choses to do.

Along with the photo, Chris posted a message on instagram, wishing his brother a happy birthday:



The only real benefit here is that the tattoo is on Chris Smith’s back, where after a few months, he’ll probably forget about it altogether.

Although, it will be interesting to explain to his future children why there’s a picture of Uncle J.R.’s face on dads back, at which point Chris Smith can teach his children the value of having an older brother who is good at basketball/playing for a team owned by James Dolan, who let’s be real, has to have a tattoo of his rich daddy’s face on his back as well.

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