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New York Knicks: 13 Things That Should Terrify Every Fan this Halloween

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8) LeBron James flirting with New York, again.

Oct 23, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (6) against the New Orleans Pelicans during the second half of a preseason game at New Orleans Arena. The Heat defeated the Pelicans 108-95. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After flirting with New York for several years, it was tough to swallow LeBron’s “Decision” to go to Miami. As the season unfolds and free agency draws nearer, the rumors of LeBron leaning towards a new team are sure to happen, and hopefully New York doesn’t get roped into them this time around. LeBron flirting with New York is sure to captivate Dolan again and make him even more unstable in his thought process than he already is. When the Knicks struck out on LeBron, signing Amar’e was a frantic response made to ensure they would end up with some kind of take-home prize. We now know how that move has crippled the team. If the Knicks end up hitching their future onto LeBron’s plans, the same thing can easily play out again except this time there might not be a consolation prize.

9) Patrick Ewing turning into a good coach

Patrick Ewing’s journey to find a coaching position has been well documented around the league. After years of sitting on the benches of Houston, Orlando and now Charlotte, it’s become a sad sight to watch him get rejected every time he’s had an interview. Most New York teams like to honor their players for their services, and the Knicks are no exception. Yet in a place where names like Starks, Johnson, Oakley, and Herb Williams (?) are still celebrated, why is it the leader of the ’90s Knicks can’t find a place with the team? If Ewing does land that head coach job and performs well, it’ll look poorly on the Knicks for passing on him.

10) Brooklyn’s rise

The Brooklyn Nets’ trade for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce over the summer made all the headlines, but the splash didn’t have quite as strong of an effect on everyone, myself included. However, there’s no doubting Mikhail Prokhorov and company have made their move to become the kings of New York. And judging by the reactions of fans and analysts, they’re certainly on their way. I’m all for regional rivalries, but if the Nets find more success than the Knicks, it’s going to serve as a depressing referendum against the Knicks and their futility over the past decade.  It was fun to laugh at Brooklyn’s “blueprint for greatness” campaign fumble in the beginning, but if a new owner with no experience in the NBA can make his team become a part of the league elite in just a few years, it’s only going to cement my fear that winning anything under the Dolan regime is a far cry from reality.

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