New York Knicks: 13 Things That Should Terrify Every Fan this Halloween

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4) J.R. Smith starting

Sep 30, 2013; Tarrytown, NY, USA; New York Knicks shooting guard J.R. Smith answers questions during media day at MSG Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We all know how gifted a scorer J.R. Smith is but that doesn’t mean he should start. Unfortunately, Coach Mike Woodson doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Rewarding Smith with a starting spot after a horrible playoff performance (both on & off the court) and head-shaking off-season antics is a highly backwards way of doing things. Furthermore, it might make Iman Shumpert, who’s looked terrific in preseason, question his place on the team. On a team with a dearth of young talent, it should keep you up at night knowing Shumpert’s future as a Knick isn’t something that is secure. And speaking of rewarding…

5) The Knicks’ investment in Chris Smith

Everyone was bewildered by the decision to keep Chris Smith on the roster. We knew Chris got his invite to reward J.R.’s loyalty to the Knicks, but apparently an invite wasn’t enough — Chris needed a roster spot. To make matters worse, Jeremy Tyler, a promising D-league prospect and needed big body, was waived in the process of keeping Chris Smith. Didn’t we see this act before? Of course we have — it’s the New York Knicks way of doing things. The Golden State Warriors just waived Seth Curry, despite being the younger brother of phenom Stephen Curry. Players should make teams because of talent, not relationships.

6) Allan Houston as our future GM

While Steve Mills shocking insertion as GM still reverberates around the league, many still consider him a precursor to Allan Houston. Dolan’s amicable relationship with Houston is well known. Houston’s always been a consummate professional and fiercely loyal to the Knicks. He even practically came back for free in 2007 to try and give back to the team, though Isiah Thomas didn’t seem to like the idea. However, we still don’t know how good of a GM he will be. There’s plenty of evidence (cough, Michael Jordan, cough) that former players don’t always have the best eye for talent. At some point just about every fan always ends up hating their GM, and I really don’t want that to happen to one of my favorite Knick players. I want my lasting memories of Houston to be his magical shot against Miami and his smooth, H2O shooing stroke.

7) Carmelo Anthony’s free agency?

Carmelo Anthony is already planning to enter free agency this summer; we know this. What should terrify fans is that the Knicks have seemingly no contingency plans if he chooses to leave. He may just come back to the Knicks on another contract, but as we have seen during the infamous Jeremy Lin negotiations, when it comes to free agency anything can happen. The instant ‘Melo came to New York, everything about the franchise gravitated around him. The best hope if he leaves is to throw the available money at another max. player, but that doesn’t always work out (see: Stoudemire, Amar’e). The other alternative: sign Anthony to what will likely be a five-year contract worth over $120 million. The idea of maxing out Anthony for five more years or completely losing him should scare fans.

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