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New York Knicks Training Camp Update

The New York Knicks training camp has been humming right along in Greenburgh, NY. Things have been fairly quiet so far; we’ve received news about precautionary injury measures, new facets added to games, and occasional quotes about the forthcoming season. Here’s a look at what’s been going on today:

– Iman Shumpert — who didn’t scrimmage yesterday — sat out of camp today with a “sore right shoulder”. When the Knicks diagnose anything as “sore,” it makes me nervous. However, he’s supposed to be back soon.

– Kenyon Martin and Tyson Chandler both skipped scrimmages today, too. The Knicks said they’re “preserving” them. I’m still suspicious about what’s going on with K-Mart, but the Knicks are fairly shallow with center types, so it’s OK to be safe if they’re exhausted.

– Chandler has, however, been shooting 600 (!) jumpers a day. That sounds like real commitment to adding that dimension to his game.

– Another Chandler note: he’s still pretty upset about how the Indiana series went down in the playoffs.

– Mike Woodson has given some interesting quips this week, but he’s also been vague. This kind of fits both of those. I’m fine with some more front-court depth, though.

– Reporters have been having fun at Woodson’s expense as he tries to grasp Metta World Peace’s name.

– Which one of these names does not belong? I love hearing about the scrimmages and what lineups Woodson tinkers with. However, it’s probably worth noting that having so many key guys sit out isn’t great for developing that necessary chemistry on both ends of the court.

– Some more insight on the scrimmages. Sometimes good offense is better than good defense.

– Pretty great video of Jonah Ballow and J.R. Smith debating if Andrew Wiggins dunked on Cole Aldrich.

So that seems like it for today. It seems to me that early in training camp, there’s not a ton of scrimmaging yet. As we get into it more, we’ll probably hear more about who’s playing together, who’s playing well, etc. Right now, the focus seems to be on getting drills down, figuring out philosophies, and getting adjusted to one another. FIVE DAYS UNTIL PRESEASON.

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