Apr 12, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (left), forward Solomon Jones (center) and point guard Raymond Felton celebrate in the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

New York Knicks: Is No. 2 seed enough for streaking Knicks?

Be honest. Had I told you before the season that with two games remaining, the New York Knicks would be sitting with a 53-27 record and would own the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference, you would have been ecstatic.

Apr 14, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) reacts during the third quarter against the Indiana Pacers at Madison Square Garden. Knicks won 90-80. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

But now, after watching what we have watched this season, especially at the beginning and the end of the year, it’s just not enough.

This team has to go on a long playoff run.

Knicks fans have dealt with disappointment for a long time now. Heck, we are used to it.

But the question I ask all of you is how far does this team have to go in the postseason to call this season a success?

Personally, anything less than the Eastern Conference Finals and I couldn’t call this a good year. You are judged by what you do in the postseason and this team is built to win in the playoffs so they have to get there.

Is it the NBA Finals or an NBA championship?

Judging by what we have watched since March 18, where the Knicks have gone 15-1 why can’t this team stare the Miami Heat in the eyes and take them down? And if they get that far, why can’t they win a title?

We as fans are greedy. We want more. Even though this has been a good year, one of the best Knicks’ seasons in 20 years, I don’t think we can ever be satisfied until we get that title.

No Knicks team since the early 90’s could potentially do what this team could.

So Knicks nation, I ask you what it would take for you to view this year as a success?

Vote on the poll and leave your comments below.

What would it take for you to call this year a success?

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