Marcus Camby Surprised With Knicks' Three-Year Offer

The New York Knicks are the oldest team in the NBA and one of their off-season acquisitions was signing Marcus Camby. Camby was a member of the Knicks before, but at 38 years old, this may be the last team the long-time veteran plays for.

The Knicks signed Camby to a three-yeal contract worth $13,1 million. Camby will receive $9.2 million in guaranteed money in the first two seasons, but the Knicks can opt to pay him less money the third season if Camby is performing poorly.

The New York Daily News writes that the 38 year old center was a little surprised by the contract the Knicks offered him. Camby is no longer the player he was before and for that reason he was puzzled when the Knicks gave him the offer.

Perhaps because of his history of injuries and long career, Camby privately told teammates when he arrived for training camp that he was surprised he received a three-year deal worth $13.1 million. While he is scheduled to receive $9.2 million guaranteed for his first two seasons, the third year is not guaranteed and the Knicks could wind up paying him less if he continues to break down. If the Knicks want to get rid of him before his third season, they would owe him only a $1 million buyout. If he sticks, then they would end up paying him all of his $3.9 million for year three.

The regular season has not even started yet, but Camby is already dealing with injuries. The Knicks backup center will be sidelined for a short time do to a calf strain, nothing serious but something that may reappear as the season progresses.

The Knicks have formed a formidable front-court with Camby and Tyson Chandler, but they will not be fully effective if these injuries keep creeping up.

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