Marquee Games for Knicks' 2012-13 Season

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Feb. 10- vs. Los Angeles Clippers- This will be the only visit to Manhattan for Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers. Paul led the Clippers to a great run last season and his duo with Blake Griffin is one of the best in the NBA. Griffin and Paul are fun to watch and they will definitely have the Garden jumping when they play.


Mar. 7- vs. Oklahoma City Thunder- Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder will make their lone appearance at the Garden in March. The Thunder are the defending Western Conference champions and a team built for the future. They have a nucleus of young players and will be a force to be wrecking with for the next several years.

Mar. 13- @ Denver Nuggets- This could be ugly. Carmelo Anthony was traded from the Denver Nuggets to the Knicks in 2011, and the fan base was not happy with the deal. Just like how Dwight Howard has the Orlando Magic in hostage with his trade demands, Anthony was essentially doing the same in Denver. Although Anthony’s situation happened with much less drama and ended much quicker, Denver is still angry. The Knicks did not visit Denver last season due to the lockout, so this will be Anthony’s first time in the Mile High City since the trade.


Apr. 2- @ Miami Heat- At this point of the season, this game could have serious playoff implications. The Knicks and Heat will surely have locked up their spots in the post season, so this game will likely help iron out playoff seeding.

Apr. 11- @ Chicago Bulls- The Bulls will start their season without MVP guard Derrick Rose, but it’s a safe bet that Rose will return to the court by this time. The Bulls may not be as strong as they were in seasons past, but they will surely be Eastern Conference contenders. The coaching staff will have its players ready and Chicago will be a force come post-season time.

Apr. 17- @Atlanta Hawks- The New York Knicks will finish their 2012-13 season on the road against the Atlanta Hawks. This will be the team’s 82nd game and hopefully by the end of this one, the Knicks will be looking forward to home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.


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