Top 5 Off-Season Scenarios for the Knicks

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1: Acquire Free-Agent Steve Nash

Steve Nash is one of the best free-agents on the market right now and a sure-shot Hall-of-Famer. The Knicks would become Eastern Conference contenders overnight if they acquired Nash, even though the veteran is close to the end of his career.

The two-time MVP nearly brought a lackluster Phoenix Suns squad to the post-season, so just imagine what he can do with the Knicks. On top of that, Nash already played with Stoudemire so their chemistry will never be an issue.

However, there is a very slim chance the Knicks can lure in Nash with the mid-level exception worth a little over $3 million. With this possibly being Nash’s final contract, he would want something more lucrative.

Reports have surfaced indicating that the Knicks would look into a sign-and-trade for Nash with the Suns which would give him a contract worth nearly $5 million.

Other teams will pursue Nash this off-season, but if the Knicks really want to become title threats, they must do whatever needed to acquire the point guard.

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