This look says, "D-Will, just get the hell out already."

Mike D'Antoni Wants to Eventually Return to Coaching

The New York Knicks and Mike D’Antoni parted ways towards the end of the 2011-12 season and that left a very good coach out of a job. D’Antoni led the Knicks to the post-season in 2010-11 and brought in a new era in the franchise’s history. However, the Knicks were not seeing a lot of success under D’Antoni and decided to go with Mike Woodson instead.

Still, if you ask D’Antoni, he would like to return to the sidelines soon,

“Yes [if he is still interested in coaching]. I’m not making a secret about that. I want to get back. But nothing is going on now, and the smart money says that I will hang out here [at his suburban home]. Michael [son] will be a senior and to let him finish and graduate would be one good reason to stay here for a year.”

D’Antoni will be an assistant coach for Team USA this summer and is hoping to repeat as a gold medalist. D’Antoni is a proven coach and expect him to be back in the NBA in the near future.

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