Knicks Players Put Picture of Larry O'Brien Trophy over Lockers

The New York Knicks players have set the bar high and are aiming their sights for the NBA championship. Even though the Knicks are still in third place in the Atlantic Division, they are working themselves towards a title. In fact, after half time of the 101-79 win over the Detroit Pistons, the players put a picture of the Larry O’Brien trophy (the NBA championship trophy) over their lockers.

“I think we just want to get our focus back,” Tyson Chandler said. “I think there’s been talk around the staff and amongst us that we’ve got to know what we’re fighting for.”

Tyson Chandler won the title last year with the Dallas Mavericks and he has been a great locker-room presence for the team.  The other Knicks players say that the picture gives them motivation to strive for the best and work towards the ultimate goal. Only time can tell if the Larry O’Brien picture hanging over their lockers helps them in June.

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