Celtics Legend Bob Cousy Compliments Jeremy Lin

Boston Celtics legend Bob Cousy won several NBA championships as a player and is in the conversation as one of the greatest point guards to have ever played. Cousy had a knack for finding teammates for open shots, and if he had to, he could put the ball in the hoop at critical moments.

Many point guards have come and gone and although some have put up better numbers than Cousy, not many could compare to his success on the court.

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has not won the same number of championships as Cousy, but he does possess the traits that separate the good players from the great.

ESPN Boston: “What separates the men from the boys is speed and quickness, and I saw that Lin has both in abundance,” Cousy said. “Now I’m telling people he’ll definitely find a niche in the realm of good-to-great point guards in this league.”

Lin still has a lot to prove and as of this point, he is not in the conversation as one of the elite point guards in the NBA. However, if he continues to build on his skills and assets, Lin could be the piece of the puzzle that brings the Knicks back to the top.


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