Knicks Newest Guard Baron Davis is an Actor

Baron Davis has yet to play a single minute this season as a member of the Knicks, but he has been healthy enough to venture off into other careers. Davis is now a professional actor, no seriously, an actor. He’s made a brief cameo in the TV Land sitcom “Hot in Cleveland” with actress Betty White. He will also be co-starring in future movie with Adam Sandler named “Donnys Boy”.

via ESPN’s Page 2

“I just forgot all of my lines!” Davis yelps at the 90-year-old comedienne and TV legend, his eyes as wide as the ball he bounces for a living. “I’m so starstruck!”

Can’t blame him. Davis is about to go toe-to-toe with the star of his all-time favorite sitcom, “Golden Girls,” in a scene that sees Davis paying a visit to White’s Elka, who is something of a “sports whisperer,” for help with his game. Elka advises the point guard to “bring back Kareem’s sky hook.” He balks. “Well, if you’re too chicken …”

“His acting skills are wonderful,” White confirms. “And he’s the sweetest. I hope we write him into the show.”

They might have to take a number. This past summer, Davis filmed a role as a gym teacher in Adam Sandler’s “Donny’s Boy” (formerly “I Hate You, Dad”), which bows in June. Next, he’ll shop to networks a self-produced pilot for “I Love Boom,” a reality-based sitcom that Davis describes as “Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Entourage,” about the off-court life of an NBA player (Davis, playing himself). “It’s an offbeat look at a player’s typical day off, when he goes to doctor’s appointments and always says the wrong things,” Davis offers.

If he’s serious about an acting career, White says The Bearded One may want to take a razor to his mug: “I advised him to shave. I’m not too good with hairy faces.”


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