J.R. Smith to the Knicks ?

The Knicks have been suspect on the offensive end this season, a rarity in the MDA tenure. The front-office is looking to bolster the scoring from the guard position, adding J.R. Smith may be part of the plan.

via Tommy Dee of TheKnicksBlog.com

Multiple sources (waiting on confirmation) have told TKB that the Knicks would love to and are actively looking to add the former Nuggets’ sharpshooter to help their backcourt woes. The team feels that with Smith and Baron Davis in the mix it would allow them to look to make other roster moves and move guards Toney Douglas and Iman Shumpert off the bench. Where that leaves Landry Fields is anyone’s guess.  It would also give the team plenty of time to come together before it gets to late in a season that has them at 6-7 on the season and a sputtering young unit in the backcourt struggling with confidence.

The Knicks can offer either their pro-rated  room exemption or vet mininum, or slightly less than $2.5 million

Currently Smith is under contract in China until at least March, but the pursuit of J.R. is a sign that the Knicks are aware of their flaws and are trying to correct them. I’m not completely sold on Smith’s game, but he would immediately give New York a scoring threat from the outside, and he’s very comfortable playing with ‘Melo and vice versa.

Daily Knicks Peeps, are your a fan of J.R. Smith?

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