Tough Loss, High Hopes

Another tough loss against another solid team, the Orlando Magic. From what I’ve seen so far, the new players haven’t had enough time playing together and they’re having chemistry problems. I’m confident it will only be a matter of time ’til they get it together. We had some injuries: Amare, Melo, Jeffries and Iman, plus we are still waiting for Baron Davis to come back from his injury. Carmelo has been playing great, even though he’s been slowed down recently due to injuries. Tyson Chandler’s presence has been felt and tonight showed that he is a solid center (I totally don’t regret trading for him). The rookies, Iman and Harrelson, have been solid so far. Toney Douglas is back on the bench. Honestly, I felt from the beginning that he’s better suited to come off the bench. Jared Jeffries, once he gets back into the flow the game, will produce defensively and he’ll be doing all the dirty work.

The only major concerns right now are Amare, Landry and Baron. As you know, Amare’s in a funk, but he’ll eventually get it together. I do feel that Amare will be better off playing with a true point guard and hopefully, Baron Davis will be that point guard who will be able to find him some easy buckets. My only concern about Baron is whether or not he can stay healthy.

The one who really concerns me is Landry Fields. He seems to have lost a lot of confidence and it’s a shame because he has a lot of potential. He played well before the Melo trade. I feel once Baron is able to play, they should have Landry come off the bench, not because of his slump, but because Iman fits well with the first unit with his defense and physical play. If Landry can get it going, he can be a plus from our bench. Right now, we really do not have an official sixth man. The Knicks obviously still have work to do to get to the next level, but once things start to click, the sky will be the limit for us.

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