Grizzlies play basketball, Knicks were also on the court

Let's try to look at this from a positive light, shall we?  If only because to really talk about the
Knicks' performance last night requires language and imagery that may be unsuitable for general
The first good thing we can take from the game is that Iman Shumpert clearly feels comfortable with
his teammates.  It is clear that the veterans aren't subjecting the Georgia Tech product to any mean
rookie hazing.  Unless of course they are trying to hurt his wrist by mandating he shoot the ball
every time he touches it.  I suppose we can't rule that out.  The sad thing is that even though he
shot 25% from the field and committed 6 turnovers, they still need him out on the court.

The only other positive I can take from the game is that it is mildly amusing to read Tyson Chandler's
mind every time the Knicks play awful defense.  Or turn the ball over on a lazy pass.  Or take an
incredibly ill-advised shot.  It looks like he has a split second where he is considering homicide,
then takes a deep breath, sighs and keeps going.  If they kept statistics for this sort of thing I
think he would lead the league.

Did Landry Fields suffer some sort of head injury or did the Knicks include 30 of his IQ points in
the Carmelo trade?  I completely understand that he has had a tough time trying to figure out his
place since Melo showed up.  What I can't understand is how he want from a very smart and effective
player, never doing anything more than he could, to what we see today.  He can hit the spot up three
and he is effective cutting to the rim.  Now he is jacking up off-balance mid-range jump shots.
That is not his game.  When he is deciding what to do when he has the ball, he only needs to
follow some very simple logic.

Am I open for a three?  If yes, shoot, if not

Do I have a layup? If yes shoot, if not

In fact, this goes for Tony Douglas as well.  Play within yourselves guys!
The mid-range game is a lost art, I agree, but there is more to it that just shooting
the ball from a spot inside the three point line and outside the lane.  You probably 
should be able to hit the shot before you take it.  Just saying.

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