Adidas Wants Dwight Howard to the Knicks?

According to Ken Berger of CBSSports, the sneaker giant Adidas wants to Dwight Howard to be apart of one of the bigger cities in the US including Los Angeles and New York.

Top executives with the shoe company have made no secret of the fact that they’d like nothing more than to see Howard in either New York or Los Angeles. With fellow client Derrick Rose in Chicago, Howard would give Adidas a stronghold in two of the country’s three biggest markets and the wherewithal to challenge Nike. “They’d love to corner those two markets,” said a person connected to the sneaker industry. “They’d be in heaven, I can tell you that.”

If the Knicks keep struggling, the focus will spread from the coaching to the roster, and sources advise not to be surprised if the notion of a possible deal sending Amar’e Stoudemire to Orlando for Howard gains traction. If the Magic opt to convert Howard into a superstar of reasonably comparable stature, they could do a lot worse than selling Stoudemire — a central Florida native — to their restless fan base.

Trading Amare Stoudemire seems out of the realm of reality right? He has been the anchor for change in New York basketball, but Dwight Howard is Superman right?

credit for the story.

According to The Magic and Knicks have had talks about a possible swap of Amare for Dwight, check out the video here.

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