Knicks Superstar Carmelo Anthony does not agree with Isiah Thomas

Knicks scoring leader Carmelo Anthony disputes ex-Knicks General Manager views on the current Knicks roster. Thomas expressed his displeasure’s with the acquisition of Tyson Chandler and undervalue of point-guard importance.

via Marc Berman of the NYPost:

“I’m not someone who likes to disagree or agree with someone else’s opinion, but from my standpoint, I think we did a great job of building something, starting something in New York and bringing Tyson, me and Amar’e here,’’ Anthony said. “It’s a great foundation to building a house. That’s our goal.’’

“Of course we miss Chauncey. I miss Chauncey,’’ Anthony said. “We all miss Chauncey. As far as the Tyson trade, I’m excited about that. It’s easy for people to turn their back now when we’re not winning basketball games and the chemistry is not sound. That’s the easy thing to do.’’

Somehow and someway the connection between Isiah Thomas and the Knicks organization continue to make headlines. ‘Zeke is always going to have a opinion regarding the state of the Knicks. The question is, how long will people actually care?

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