Report: Chris Paul Requests Trade to Knicks... or Does He?

As predicted, the Chris Paul trade talk has officially heated up. The talks were sparked today after it was reported by Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports that Paul’s agent had informed the Hornets that he will not sign an extension with New Orleans and has requested a trade to New York.

The news that Paul will not sign an extension with New Orleans is not entirely surprising and has been speculated about for over a season now; however the trade request comes as a surprise to many as it was widely believed Paul would at least consider offers from other teams. Should New Orleans attempt to work out a trade exclusively with the Knicks involving Paul there will not be many players to choose from on the Knicks side. With Melo and Amar’e being untouchable, the best New Orleans could do would be a deal involving Bill Walker, Chauncey Billups, Landry Fields and some draft picks, hardly an enticing offer.

The story got a little more interesting later on this afternoon after a conflicting report stated that Chris Paul has not requested a trade from the Hornets.  This may just be a PR attempt on Paul’s behalf in order to save some face, but even if the report isn’t true it is highly unlikely that Paul signs that extension in New Orleans, which means he is officially on the block.

The ball is now officially in the Hornets’ hands; will they give Paul is wish and trade him to New York? or will they try to convince a team like Boston to take a gamble on Paul, giving them a shot to salvage some trade assets in return?  Only time will tell which option the Hornets choose to take but, hopefully for the Hornets, they make their decision quickly and this does not turn into another Melo-Drama.

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