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#1. Walt Frazier

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Best Season as a Knick: 1969-70, 24-years-old. NBA Champion, All-Star starter, All-NBA first team, All-Defense first team, 4th place in MVP vote, 20.9 points (57.5 TS%, good for fifth in the league), 8.2 assists (second in total assists league wide), 0.236 win shares per 48 minutes (first in the league), steals per game went unrecorded but Frazier finished the year second in the league in defensive win shares.  

At the risk of gross hyperbole, is it now safe to declare Walt “Clyde” Frazier a living legend? The language, the wardrobe, the flair, the style, the defensive dominance, the championships, the altogether cool. The inspired camaraderie. The reason Walt Frazier is number one over Patrick Ewing, despite Ewing being the player people most associate with the franchise, is the fact that he embodies the New York Knicks. He is the franchise. (His 36 point, 19 assist Game 7 performance in the 1970 NBA Finals notwithstanding.) Today, he still cares; he bleeds Orange and Blue. He lives to be apart of the team and he’ll surely be here until the day he’s buried in a white fur coat. 

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