Carmelo Anthony Rants on Lockout via Twitter

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony is going on a rant with his followers on Twitter (@carmeloanthony). Anthony began the day on Twitter by joining his fellow NBA players by tweeting “LET US PLAY!!!!!!! #StandUnited.”

However, Carmelo had more to say about the lockout, and his later comments started a spark among his followers.

“I just wanna apologize to all the fans for this lockout. Trust me, I feel y’all pain. This **** sucks. Last thing. It bothers me to hear people talk about things they know nothing about!!!”

After those tweets, Anthony got replies ranging from “you suck” to you are an “idiot.” When fans tweeted that players like Anthony were greedy and were ruing the game of basketball, the Knickerbocker replied back with caustic comments.

In one incident a follower told Anthony, “it bother fans to see greedy ******** fight over millions to play a sport. You idiots are going to ruin the NBA!” In response, the Brooklyn native had this to say, ” another pathetic idiot who doesn’t know anything.”

Who do you think is to blame for this, the players, the owners, or both?


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