An International Double Standard

This is the craziest and nastiest fight I have ever seen in a basketball game. Who would have ever thought a game between Georgetown and a professional Chinese team would result in this. Those Chinese players are freaking nuts. I thought I was watching the video game Street Fighter with guys doing jump kicks.

Can you imagine if this occurred in an NBA game? The media would have a field day bashing the league. It would have been the lead story on Sportscenter. All we would hear about is how the NBA players are a bunch of thugs and terrible role models. We hear those things about the NBA after as little as a shoving match occurs. If it is an actual fight, which rarely occurs, it is made out to be the worst thing in the world.

I will always go back to the Ron Artest/Detroit brawl, and how so many made it out to be a travesty in sports. That incident was a cat fight compared to the Georgetown/China brawl. People wanted Artest suspended for life, and the league to be boycotted.

The NBA gets a lousy rap for anything negative that happens. We see so much worse occur in other sports, yet they never get the same criticism. When baseball has a bench-clearing brawl, it is looked at like an exciting moment. Hockey has fighting, and it is part of the game. NFL players get arrested virtually every week, but it is still the NBA that has all the bad guys and thugs.

I guess my point in all this is we make too big a deal when something happens in the NBA. People tend to generalize and state all the evil in sports happens in the NBA all the time, when it rarely does. We hardly ever hear about NBA players getting in trouble off the court and fights rarely occur. The players today are all friends with one another, so why would there be any fighting? Back in the old days players were tough and fights on the court occurred more frequently. All you have to do is go back to the 90s Knicks teams who brawled with Miami, Chicago, and Indiana. Those days are over. The players today are soft and should not be given the “thug” reputation which they have obtained.

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