France learns Ronny Turiaf 101: for every 20 minutes on the court, there's 48 on the shelf.

Turiaf Breaks Finger, Will Be Ready for Preseason...

…which will be in January, but whatever.

Anyway, it was originally reported that Turiaf had broken his hand playing for the French national team against Great Britain, but we’ve since found it was just a finger and He’s due to miss four to six weeks.  Having broken a hand and multiple fingers, I can say it’s a big distinction: with a break serious enough to keep him out for that long, Turiaf probably wouldn’t have been able to do cardio with a broken hand, but you can usually stabilize a broken finger well enough to stay in shape.  Not that he’ll need to be in shape for any particular reason, unless you’re a big fan of Eurobasket.

And speaking of preseason, the NBA found time amidst the grueling, round-the-clock work of not ever meeting with the Players Association to release its preseason schedule that won’t ever happen.  This reminds me of the common refrain during the congressional hearings about steroids in baseball – you know, when people would wonder why Congress was dealing with baseball when there were so many bigger problems at hand.  I would always respond that, despite how thye behave off Capitol Hill, Congress is actually filled with adults who can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.  Here, however, the NBA just can’t avoid getting a little egg on its face.  It’s not just that there’s a lockout (we understand there are issues outstanding on both sides) and it’s not just that they released a schedule during that lockout (the league needs an ostensible schedule) but it’s funny that the league has essentially hamstrung itself.   They literally can’t do anything without highlighting what they’re not doing.  One meeting in 50 days, folks.  It’s come to this.

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