Remembering The Knicks: Go New York Go

Hail to the Victor, the Notre Dame Victory March, and Who Let the Dogs Out all fail to come close to the greatest fight song of all time. That fight song belongs to The New York Knicks.

Every fan who grew up watching the Knicks of the 90s love and cherish the Go New York Go song and video. They should also know every single word of it. It takes Knick fans back to the good old days when Patrick Ewing was throwing down dunks and John Starks was hitting clutch 3s in the 4th quarter. The opposing team would call a time out, and the Garden would blast the jam as the faithful went absolutely nuts. Yeah, the good old days. I like to refer to it as BJD, otherwise known as before James Dolan.

The song actually came out during the 93-94 season in which the Knicks went to the NBA Finals. The song was done by Jesse Jaymes. It was truly a one hit wonder as no one has heard from Jesse James since 1994.

Landry Fields and Andy Routins enjoyed it so much, they decided to perform it with a midget.

There have been other attempts to remake the song and video, but nothing will ever compare to the original.

Swizz Beatz created a remix featuring Amare and Melo. I personally think it is terrible, but you can check it out and decide for yourself.

Q-Tip probably created the worst one during the 2009 season. I dare you to watch the entire video.

Enjoy all the videos because they way things look right now, they will not be played at the Garden anytime soon.


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