NBA Owners Split Among Themselves

Reports say the NBA owners are split among themselves on the current lockout situation. One side wants to end the work-stoppage as soon as possible while the other owners want to drag this conflict through 2011.

Although some claim this news of the owners being split will result in a quicker CBA signing, it will actually do the exact opposite. Those who believe the lockout will end sooner say that the owners will not be unified enough to last for an extended work-stoppage, thus a new labor signing will be imminent. I, on the other hand, do not think the latest of conflicting owners is a good thing. Now that they are split among themselves, the owners will have to fight two battles. One battle is to come to agreement with each other, and then ifthat succeeds, they must pitch their CBA proposal to the Players Union.

The owners cannot expect to get the better end of the CBA if they themselves cannot agree which details to put into it. Take this analogy to clarify my position. Country A (the owners) and Country B (the Players Union) are about to go to war because of land disputes. However, Country A is having trouble working together and its people are split among themselves; thus resulting in a zero percent chance of winning the war.

The Players Union is united, and they expressed their solidarity by wearing “STAND” t-shirts to a labor meeting. What is your take on it, is this latest report that the owners are split a good thing or bad thing?

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