Mike D'Antoni Not Worried About Possibly Losing Job

Mike D’Antoni has been the topic of the latest rumors surrounding New York, and many people believe his stint with the Knicks may end soon. Nevertheless, D’Antoni is not worried about receiving the pink slip from the team’s front office.

With the recent “firing” of former VP/GM Donnie Walsh, the man that hired D’Antoni, came a lot of speculation as to who will be the next head coach. The Knicks were ousted out of the 2011 Playoffs after getting swept by the Celtics, and it was clear that the team needed a more defensive oriented coach. D’Antoni is famous for his high-octane offensive style play, while ridiculed for his sub-par defensive strategies.  Frankly, both fans and some executives believe the Knicks will improve their chances in the playoffs by hiring  a new coach.

However, D’Antoni told the NY Post that he is certain he will return to Madison Square Garden next season. “No, I feel good [about retaining his job]. I hate it Donnie is leaving. I owe a lot to him. We had three good years. He did exactly what he wanted and said he would do and he’s got us in position to be one of the better teams in the NBA next year.”

Don’t be so confident Mike D’Antoni, there is man out there by the name of Phil Jackson who may take your job.

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