Rivers Extension "Basically Done"

…sayeth this article in today’s Boston Globe.  So that’s one name we can can scratch off our dream coaching list for 2012.

And, if you believe Bill Simmons, we can scratch off another big name as well: his piece today on Phil Jackson – one of his best in a great while, by the way – portrays Jackson as a man at peace with himself and his career, and with a back problem so debilitating he might not get through another season even if he wanted to.  Finishing his career on the Knicks sidelines is the romantic way to do things, and the thought of bringing the Knicks their first ring since he won it as a player must elicit more than just a wistful sigh, but it appears reality may intervene.

We’ll be covering this in further detail as next season draws nearer, but for now I’ll just say that I hope Knicks fans don’t take it as a blow to their title chances that these guys likely won’t be available.  Mike D’Antoni can’t be blamed for what happened in the playoffs, and in my mind he’s as close to earning an extension next summer as he is to being let go.  D’Antoni will have essentially what he could’ve reasonably expected to have when he signed his four-year deal: one (and only one) chance to earn an extension with a deep playoff run with two superstars and a supporting cast to be determined.  Let’s not pretend he’s already missed that opportunity.

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