Two Games Down, Next Two in New York

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After seven dreadful seasons, Madison Square Garden will finally host an NBA playoff game. The Knicks will play Games 3 and 4 in Manhattan and the Garden crowd will surely be ready to support their team. The Knicks will have the upper hand in the next two games and they must take advantage of the crowd’s energy.

Although the Knicks have lost both regular season games to the Celtics at home, the playoffs have galvanized the team into playing better basketball. The Knicks could have won both games in Boston, and now that the crowd is on the Knicks side, anything is possible. However, the Knicks will need a healthy Billups and Stoudemire if they want to win out in New York; Melo will not be able to have another 42 point night and he will need back-up versus Boston.

Game 3 will take place on Friday on ESPN and the Knicks and their fans will be ready to face-off with the Celtics once again. The Knicks are still alive in this series and they need the Garden crowd to be energetic for the next two games.

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