Two Games Down, Next Two in New York

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The New York Knicks will be returning to Madison Square Garden for a playoff game for the first time in seven years. However, the team is facing a 0-2 deficit and has their backs against the wall. The Knicks had a lead in both Game 1 and 2, but they could not find a way to put away the Boston Celtics. The fairly inexperienced Knicks team was unable to come together in the late game situations, and their ill-advised turnovers allowed the Celtics to walk victorious. The Knicks also dealt with injuries to Chauncey Billups and Amar’e Stoudemire, two of the team’s key contributors.

Nevertheless, the Knicks still have a shot to climb themselves out of the hole and upset the Celtics. On Friday night the Knicks will play Game 3 in front of their home crowd at Madison Square Garden. The city has waited for this day for seven seasons, and the atmosphere for the next two games will be indescribable. The best way for the Knicks to knot up the series will be feed off the Garden crowd and use its energy to put away Boston.

Despite the fact that the Knicks are two losses away from elimination, they had a chance to steal both games in Boston. The Knicks were one shot away from winning the games, and the series could have takes a drastic turn if New York had closed out fourth. However, Knicks fans have nothing to worry about. The Celtics took care of their home-court and now the Knicks must do the same.

Carmelo Anthony said during yesterday’s post-game press conference the Celtics did nothing special, they won their two games at home. The playoff are set up for the lower seed to head back home 0-2, now its time for the Garden and the city to rally behind their team.

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