Fun Knicks Gear Fans Must Wear to a Game

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There is nothing like the feeling of going to a New York Knicks game, whether at Madison Square Garden or any other NBA arena. The energy in the stadium is electric and the crowd is anxious to see the Knickerbockers showcase their talents on the hardwood. Although the players are the only ones competing, you Knicks fans have the ability to influence a game. From chants to gear, those sitting in the arena seats can influence the way a game plays and how it finishes.

There are many ways to represent the Knicks during a game, from jerseys to sneakers, wearing orange-and-blue is a necessity when attending a contest. Albeit very few people can pull off the costumes Spike Lee wears to game, it is important to show-off your Knicks pride.

Here are the best things every Knicks fan should wear to a game.

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